Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bemus Point - Stow Ferry Bicentennial

The celebration of the bicentennial of the Bemus Point – Stow Ferry was all that it promised.

An appearance by Mark Twain (Channel 7’s Mike Randall) set the tone for the event with a clever, homespun monologue that was just what we’ve come to expect from the Master of the American Language.

Sam Greisbaum followed with his keen observations of the American condition. Some of what we do is embarrassing, some it beautiful, and Sam calls it as he sees it.

The Ragtime Island Windjammers played two sets of (you guessed it) ragtime favorites and interpretations of American favorites to lead us up to fireworks.

The fireworks capped the event nicely. Always an exciting, feel good moment!

                                          Mark Twain with Mayor Dahlberg 

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